Back in the days of my teen angst–when I was just learning how to slam the bedroom door to achieve thecollage by Quinn McDonald most effective sound to destruction ratio (keep the volume high while retaining the basic integrity of the frame)–I used to write down all of my favorite quotes in a college-ruled notebook. Magazine cut-out letters collaged between the faces of Claire Danes and Kurt Cobain, gazing at me from behind the laminated, packing tape covers.

Most of my quotes came from episodes of My So-Called Life or Ani Difranco lyrics which spoke so completely to my adolescent gut. Now, inspirational quotes seem nothing more than fragments of Hallmark cards or banners to put on flyers for non-profit fundraising solicitations. But it’s good to hold words in your mind, to write & document sentences or phrases that open up the synapses to a glowing show of fireworks–no matter if the display is contraband or water bound.

So in dedication to my black combat boots and the shadows of Pink Flamingo Manic Panic still slightly visible on my parent’s bathroom floor, and because we’ve had a bit of a cell-phone service set back of spirits, I will share with you my inspirational QUOTE OF THE DAY brought to you by Mr. John Cage:

The practicality of changing society derives from the possibility of changing the mind.

Put on some Bikini Kill & ruminate on that for a while,

<3 sharon