alternative health

The Dacha likes being healthy, and living in this area you learn a lot about alternative care.

We have a lot of great plants growing on our land that can be used for herbal medicines and such.

Our garden has Valerian root and Yarrow plants, just waiting to be used for all their potential purposes.

Dandelion, plantain and blue vervain can also be found on the land. We’re always finding useful stuff here, and it’s just a matter of time before we put it to good use.

One year, Lily planted some calendula flowers and put them in oil, making a nice calendula balm. We’ve used it for dry skin, minor burns, irritation and it’s been great.

Lea and Danila also made some jams with elderberry for when we get colds, yum. And Lea dug up some Dandelion root for tea, which is really good for your liver, among other things.