Dacha Presents – the Dacha has paired up with Art Club to form a collection of area artists whose artistic disciplines range from visual arts, to theater direction, with actors, puppeteers, designers and musicians. We’re working on projects in the realms of interactive experimental theater. Our first public project I Sense a Presence was performed at Ithaca Festival as well as at the Ithaca Artist’s Market in 2016.


LilySilly Puppets – Lily makes puppets and puts on puppet shows for kids and adults. She uses reclaimed materials and found objects to make her art. Check it out.

Lea LSF, drawing and paintings, mostly

Becoming JaguarFrisbee Golf in Tokyo or Sunday Morning CocktailThe Past Lives of Real PeopleHow I made it to Zipolite -Timeline Prototype detailOn Island So and SoThe EKG of a Dying Day- David Foster Wallace
The Mayor of Don Caballero's TornadoTelling Old Jokes About Black Holes and Such AsForeign CapitolsHang Out With PaBrautigan in Light 4Dirty on the Inside
Pinwheel HillDacha Project Mailbox =The Winter SideThe Kingmaker (color)India Ink Matterspainting by candle light Beograd (Belgrade) from the Fortress
That Shack WhereinLayers of Mount DurmitorApartments in the Black LakeDanila in SophiaThe White Mountains (classic)The Shape of Jazz to Come

m’Art, a set on Flickr.

Lea LSF, photography

Awake! You might not have another chance.Iglésia Salcajá, Old Church in GuatemalaThe Hexagonal PastDesert FlakesThe Marriage of Throes
Swept OutLeonard Knight & God is LoveStubborn AssGoose Neck BarnaclesThe Chorus GirlsThe Wasted Day, Utterly Wasted
A Village Rumored for Growing a Forbidden PlantDanila and the RoomThe Gowns of Angel SkyVolcan ChimborazoShooting Hoops at Magic Hour Outside of RuinsIn Love
Mountains to the BackFlight and RubiesMonte Verde Brings to Life Now Purple LushYes, I Date the DisabledStraw-bale Cottage at the Dacha ProjectPsychadelatron

Lea LSF: Space Travel, a set on Flickr.