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Lea LSF, Superhero.  Lea’s art, photos, writing, misc on the web.

EcoJarz. A smart and simple way to use a to-go cup. A company dedicated to turning the tides of throw-away culture that a few of the Dachettes have helped form and get off the ground. More awesome non-reactive canning products to come from these guys, so check them out!

LilySilly Toys. Lily’s puppets and tinker toys. All made from reclaimed materials and found objects with off-grid power from the homestead. Hooray for sustainable play.


Ithaca Community Radio is locally produced programming and radio by the people for the people, Independent Media, Non-commercial media.  One of us Dachettes sits on the board of this exciting and hard-earned local station, which reaches over 50,000 people in the county.

Ithaca Freeskool. Our very own Lily is a long-time organizer of this skill-share, volunteer-run organization that provides free classes in a very broad range of disciplines for the community, by the community.

Ithaca Underground asks the question, “If we can walk together, why can’t we rock together?” They put on lots of shows!

Share Tompkins helps folks share and trade goods and services in Tompkins County, NY.  Our pals start and help run this much needed and fun project.  Started by our friends, and now expanded to be run by the community at large.

Living in Dryden, One Democrat’s perspective on life in the Town of Dryden.

Ithaca Biodiesel, From Grease to Green.  Another one of our Dachettes sits on the board of this growing organization which “believes in recycling a waste and turning it into fuel.”

Buffalo Street Books. The first cooperative-run bookstore in Ithaca, of which two Dachettes own shares.

Radical Roots Apothecary. Our friend Anna’s small herb company located on an acre of beautiful land in Mecklenburg, NY.


D Acres, Permaculture Farm and Educational Homestead.  A terrific outfit in New Hampshire.

Singing Nettle Farm.  Friends of the Dacha Project doing amazing things in agriculture on their farm in Brooks, Maine.

Edible Acres.  Our friend Sean is a mad man when it comes to growing perennial plants. Edible Acres is a small forest farm, perennial plant nursery, garden design and installation service, and place to learn and play.

Main Street Farms. An urban, aquaponics farm in Homer, NY run by our friend Allen.


Whittled Down: Pals Libby and Tristan, build a covered wagon and travel the country, blog about that and how they whittle down the needs of their lives by making things themselves.

Shirari Industries.  Friends run an amazing media company that works with solid organizations and do good work.

Joe the Blacksmith. Former D-Acres smithy, now on his own on the West Coast. He once made Lily a screwdriver out of drawer handle. Not to be missed!

Katrina Ohstrom Photography.  A friend from Philly who has collections on cat shows, and alternative-style school portraits, and more. Weird, I like it!


–ACTIVISM (for more in detail see our Community Action page)

Occupy Farms builds relationships between urban occupations and regional food producers.

Shale Shock is protecting our communities and environment from exploitative gas drilling of the Marcellus Shale.