Here are a few things you can do to visit and get involved:

1.  We do have an AirBnB page, where you can pay to stay in our super-cute straw-bale cottage.  All proceeds go into the development of the Dacha Project as an organization.

2. Come out for a tour, a workshop, or work party! A big part of our mission is education, especially of the hands-on variety. We’re always up to fun projects, from solar cookers to vegetable oil powered generators, and love to show them off. If you’re in Western New York, get in touch so we can figure out a good time for you to stop by.  A good way to find out about events is to visit this website, and to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!  In the future, we plan to have opportunities for longer term stays in the form of residencies and retreats, so check back soon!5. We probably forgot something.  Make your own suggestion here_____________.  We’re all about vision and building dreams here, so feel free to  include things like, “You guys need a smithy shack, I’d like to come an help establish one there!”  Or, “I have a play I wrote and would love to stage, can I come and make that happen?”

3. We do take self-directed and enthusiastic interns.  Want to learn from and be part of our endeavors and community? Make us an offer based on your own interests, such as  “I would love to be your media intern, and help document the Dacha Project in multimedia.”

If you want to lend a hand, get in touch at dachaproject-at-gmail-dot-com.