We love being in and making movies, on account of all being little creative hams. Please enjoy these films at your leisure.

“EMPOWERED: Power from the People” – 2011

Directed by Shira Golding Evergreen & Suzanne McMannis

Laugh, cry, and marvel at how messy dacha land is. A group of amazing women make a movie and the Dacha Project is in it. If you haven’t seen it yet, check check it out. The clip below is all about us! See the whole thing and learn more about this ongoing project, and how you can get to screen it near you at


Chekhov’s Dogs – ongoing

Directed by Katya Gorker

Short excerpts from work-in-progress documentary tracing the cultural tradition of Mushroom foraging in Russia and the diaspora. Katya’s full film is set to come out in spring 2012, and we will post it immediately!


Frac Attack: Dawn of the Watershed – 2009

Co-producted by Shirari Industries and the Dacha Project.

A short environmental zombie thriller about hydraulic drilling for natural gas, much of which was shot at the homestead, and which involves in some capacity each of our members.


Video Series: Building the Straw Bale Cottage – 2008

Produced by the Dacha Project

It’s all about the building of our straw-bale cottage, named the Winter Palace. Each filmlette has its own style, so watch ‘em all! They get funnier as the time goes on. Below is one of the films, and here you can find the entire series.