EcoJarz! Some of our own Dachettes helped launch this company

A few of the Dacha Project’s members helped start a company this year, and they are just unveiling their second product. They have been working very hard from conception to production, and we’re very proud of them! Check it out, it’s EcoJarz and they are nice-looking, super-useful and will go a long way to help prevent waste.

Their new product is a silicone version of their first. It’s a hot green drink top that makes any small-mouthed jar into a to-go container.  Not only that, but the tops are completely non-reactive, with no-BPA, and no leach. Try as hard as you might, this is very hard to find.  With one of these lids you can have an all glass, steal and/or silicone drinking vessel, and that is still rare in the marketplace.