Spring 2011 Planting Calendar

Cabbages in the Dacha garden - 2010

note- this calendar is mostly thanks to Skippy’s Garden Calendar (customizable), with a number of rarer additions, such as orach and butterfly weed (thanks Sean Dembrosky!).  The customizable calendar will ask you for your last frost date, which might vary from ours here in zone 5b. You won’t need to know your zone, but will have to give your last frost date.  So get some seeds and get to planting!  Suggestions for when to grow and how/when to grow it are encouraged to be posted in the comment section of this blog or on our Facebook page!!

Vegetable Garden (based on a last frost date 6/1/2011)

3/16 – Sow onion, celery and celeriac seeds indoors. Also- lavender & butterfly weed  (indoors)

3/30- Sow broccoli, kale, cool weather lettuce, escarole, eggplant and thyme seeds indoors. Also- orach and spinach (indoors)

4/6- Sow pepper seeds indoors (keep temp above 78*F for germination). Also sow indoors marigold, parsley, basil and beet seeds.  Also- kholrabi

4/18- Start watching the soil for the first direct planting! As soon as the soil can be worked its time to sow peas, fava beans, arugula and radish directly in the garden. (Note: In warmer climates, where the soil doesn’t freeze, this tool may not give an appropriate pea planting date.