Dacha in a Documentary!

Our lovely friend and film maker from Montreal, Maxime Pelletier, visited us 5 years ago as he was traveling across the US to make this film. We were still building and gardening and had a little baby living in the house. Check it out. 


Film Description: American Utopias is a special journey on the mythical roads of the United States of America. We drove 10 000 miles across the country to view firsthand practicing utopias. We saw communities of tiny houses, intentional communities, an urban laboratory and also participated in Burning Man, an artistic gathering in Nevada. All along our journey, we wondered about the possibility of an ideal community and the core values that underpin any such initiative. Have you ever imagined living in a 150 square feet home? Could you live without electricity or gas? Would you live at a stone’s throw from your workplace? These questions and more are the subject matter of the feature-length documentary American Utopias.