In an effort at organizational transparency…

A group of people having an important meeting.

…we are posting our notes from our last meeting, held yesterday Dec. 14, 2011.  The notes should mention that the meeting was concluded by each member drawing a name out of a hat for Secret Santa, and that the whole affair was followed up by a sauna. Please no inquiries about who got who for Secret Santa, as our byway-laws forbid us from ever divulging anything that might ruin a surprise, and hence cost someone a burrito.*

Dec 14 2011 All Dacha peeps present.agenda:


bulk buying
internet media
little bathrom
stacking wood
garbage run
permaculture plan
solar panels
turning off genny
secret santa
chore review

solar panel:
friend says 135/watt, 240watt – $324 a panel.  Rack can fit 2 more panels. No other wiring required. $644 for 2 panels plus tax. Lea says she will buy one panel. Do we need LED bulbs so that the batteries will make it? When will we get the batteries? Maybe Spring, maybe August. We agree that we should buy both then. Yey!

monthly grants each of 1,000. Could this be a DIY lighting grant? We are using CFLs but we can take this from good to awesome. We can contrast the two realities. Metering systems for Dacha might be a possibility.

It doesn't look so bad here, but don't let that fool you! Photo by Katya G.!

Driveway sucks – ruining lives. 125 feet of material joe has left over. Can we use that? It’s not enough, but how about for walkway?
Joe thinks crushed concrete would work best. How long is the driveway? 425 long is the length of the roll. $488. do we need to try to get people to park other places in the future?Can we do something before Spring? Prob not. Should we have a driveway fund? Or just put that on the shopping list? Maybe! Buy a foot of the driveway dance fundraiser? Maybe mid-March?

Little bathroom:
Danila is going to tile the shower. Yey!

Bulk buying:
We will try the putting in money thing and if it doesnt work then we’ll revamp.
What do we want to have on common things list:
olive oil
toilet paper
nutritional yeast
Lea will make a bulks list on google docs. We can pay at the time we pay taxes?

Garbage Run:
Cubies and glass need to go to dump. Joe and Lea and Marina will load and take on Friday.

Open boxes above crappy table part of kitchen? Maybe the boxes don’t need to be too deep. Lighting, maybe at top of shelf? Push over stove to make full length. Make some low shelves slide. And drawer for utensils, too. Magnetic knife rack and spice rack. Hanging stuff for pots and pans.

Internet Media:
How can we make the best of the site? We can post even links to articles – easy! Pre-spring time media party? We should also give Ari veggies and make a meeting with her.

Permaculture plan:
Next year will be more agricultural. Maybe we print maps and give to everyone, set up perma-library, and people can put ideas down. You don’t need to be an expert!

Action list:
Lea will make bulks list
Joe will contact solar friend
Sharon will look at grant application
Price real driveway cost – Joe?
Put tractor chains on.
Stack the wood – this weekend
Marina will mark the water level.

Everyone's left to go SHOPPING! Let's get some shoes!

To buy:
solar panels – 330
thing for tractor – 30
125 ft of
dump run – 30 and some gas.

old shopping list:
One more window for sun room – $100
drywall – $28
plywood – $15
another bag of insulation – $16
door for hallway – $125 look at sig elements
radiant floor – pump (AC) – $200

* burrito– a form of currency. ie. I will bet you a burrito that it will take longer to finish building the bedrooms than three months. To date- the author of this post is owed a burrito from Lily. Marina also deserves a burrito from Lily, and Danila is owed a burrito by me, and by Lily. Joe probably owes all of the people here burritos do to a health dose of positive thinking, and it won’t be long until Sharon is owed some burritos, even though she just moved back to the area.