How-To: Mini / To-Go Fruit-on-the-Bottom Maple Yogurt

What’s better than plain homemade yogurt?  That’s right, little-bitty 8 ounce fruit- on-the-bottom maple yogurts that you can take to-go.

Here are some extremely easy and fast instructions on how-to make six jars of this stuff.  Thanks to our very own Danila for this very useful innovation in the well-established field of cottage yogurt making.


First into a measuring cup measure out 2-3 tbsp of already made yogurt.  You can use store bought yogurt, just make sure it says somewhere on the package that the yogurt contains active live cultures.

Add 8 cups of milk, the best stuff you can get your hands on.  Using this 4 cup measuring cup, we did these first two steps twice.  The ideas is to get around a teaspoon of yogurt to each cup of milk.

Mix it up!

Dump 1/8-1/4 cup of fresh or frozen fruit into 6 eight-ounce mason jars.

We used frozen blueberries, because it is winter here and they are extremely delicious.

Spill 1 tbsp of maple syrup (bragging about to occur- we made our own this year and that’s what we’re using!) to each jar.

Fill each jar with the stirred milk and yogurt concoction.

Already they look so good.

Put lids on them and set them in a consistently warm place.  We heat with wood so we place them near the stove and let them sit there for 10-12 hours.  If you don’t have a consistently warm pace in your house you could place them into a cooler or other insulated container filled with near-boiling water for the same length of time.

Open the lid and marvel at the lovely thickness and color and taste.

Stack them and take a cute photo, or throw in your lunch bag or in the fridge, or a place in a consistently cold place like the porch.  And if you want more, just use a little of the yogurt you made and repeat the process!