Video Series: Building the Straw Bale Cottage

Wow, I miss the days when we still had time to make mini-films about what we were up to.  Maybe soon we will acquire a media intern to help us get back on that train!

For now, check out this series from when we had a kickin’ camera, and some time. It’s all about the building of our straw-bale cottage, named the Winter Palace. Each filmlette has its own style, so watch ’em all! They get funnier as the time goes on. Let us know if you like them, and maybe we’ll make more now!

Beware- after watching these, you should be fully equipped to start thinking about building a straw bale cottage of your own.

Winter Palace Pt 1- Let’s Dig- The start of our first building. A tool shed that emerged as a palace. Here we see the first steps (well after leveling the ground anyways) of digging the rubble trench.

Winter Palace Pt 1- Let’s Dig from Lea LSF on Vimeo.

Winter Palace Pt 2- The Work Party- We lure unsuspecting friends from three northeastern cities to the Southern Tier, where we put them to work on our land. Pt 2 is a riveting adventure of digging, gravel, tamping, tractor, casual conversation.

Winter Palace Pt 2- The Work Party from Lea LSF on Vimeo.

Winter Palace Pt 3-Concrete Day–  A human interest story about the pouring of a concrete foundation, of what will eventually become a small strawbale cottage. The concrete truck comes, pours the slop and our crew gets to work. This is what to expect when a giant truck full of concrete shows up at your place.

Winter Palace Pt 3-Concrete Day from Lea LSF on Vimeo.

Winter Palace Pt 4- Frame by Frame- A human interest story/ compelling dramedy about the erection of a frame, of a small building that eventually becomes a straw bale cottage.

Winter Palace Pt 4- Frame by Frame from Lea LSF on Vimeo.

Winter Palace Pt 5- Straw Bale Hijinks- A near-silent comedy about the countless opportunities to act like a monkey one can miss if they choose not to build a straw bale cottage. Critically acclaimed as the must see monkey short of this fiscal year. Sponsorships welcome.

Straw Bale Hijinks from Lea LSF on Vimeo.

A peak into the plastering process, and what could be some troubles in plaster land.

Plaster Disaster from Lily Gershon on Vimeo.