Yes We Can-vas Tent

One of the living structures at the Dacha is a canvas tent that is designed to withstand a real winter with snow flakes, snow cones, snowmen and women.

The canvas sits on a wood frame that is built on fairly conventional decking.

Here is a peek inside.

It has a Vogelsang wood stove inside the structure for winter heating.

Wood stove inside tent.

Scrap pieces of wood, bamboo and a reused screen were constructed to build this DIY door.

DIY door

Some find the interior to be rather cozy despite the fact that the bed is built with good old fashioned cinder blocks and plywood. Also, the simple wooden frame structure makes it easy to add book shelves and monkey bars.

The sleeping arrangements

When you are visiting us here at the Dacha, you may find yourself waking up in this canvas tent with the songs of the birds and going to sleep to the sounds of the bull frogs.