Video: Land in April

Remember before we owned the land? We still thought we owned it!


By the way, we are still looking for a new name. It has been many months since we fell in love with this plot of earth, but still no name. Green Nettle? Come on, we all know there aren’t any purple nettles! Or are there? Besides we haven’t seen one nettle on our land yet.

So we are throwing a contest. Come and visit us in Ithaca, from where we will take you to our land. We will blind fold you spin you around 20 times and leave you somewhere in the thick of it. We believe this will inspire you to come up with a great name. The competition isn’t too fierce either. All we have as of now is “Cattail International Park” and “Dacha.commune!” Please help!

The contest will be judged by everyone who is willing to be on the panel. The grand prize is our eternal gratitude, a tree dedicated to your honer, and something else very special indeed.

We will also take submissions over the internet. Even from people who have never seen our property. Shots in the dark are welcome. The names you submit will become property of “———-whatever you suggest——–.”

Please excuse the lowish quality of the footage below. All future land footage will be of higher quality, well for as long as Mr. Winter let’s us hold on to his ridiculously great camera