bunny rabbit saying love drawing of dacha off-grid homestead trees and hills wood and axe strawbale cottage reading in a hammock off-grid diesel generator carpentry tools beds of vegetables and flowers in a garden cattails in a natural water treatment pond

Baby Garden Party

Have you ever been to a baby shower and thought hey aside from these cute cupcakes this has very little to do with new life? I have thought this exact thing while munching on a delicious cupcake. I won’t do it, said I to myself! Then as I was sitting around wondering how I can […]

Checkhov’s Dogs: A Documentary about Russians, Mushrooms and the Diaspora

The Dacha Project is in Chekhov’s Dogs, a very special documentary (in progress) about Russians, Mushrooms and the Diaspora! Katya Gorker, a Russian-American filmmaker from Philadelphia is “tracing the cultural tradition of Mushroom foraging in Russia and the diaspora.”   (all music by Animal Hospital). While far from completion, with a trip to Russia still […]

Photo of Week: West Side

Winter Palace Pt 3- Concrete Day

This a flashback to one of thirty-one days in August. It would have been like any other day, except it wasn’t, because on that day the Concrete Man came to visit the dacha. Watch to learn what to expect from such a man, and see how our foundation was poured. We present to you Concrete […]

Winter Palace Pt-1- Let’s Dig

This is pt 1 of our tool shed building adventure, shot way back in August, when the tool shed still aspired to be a tool shed. Eventually, we over built so that we began to feel bad about calling it a tool shed, and started referring to it as a palace. Being the Russians that […]

first camp out

And so, as everything went full green, the sugar maples springing up, the aspens quivering in the breeze, we organized a small band of friends and spent our first nights out on “the land”. But even before our circus came to town, we had a lot to do. First, we dug ourselves a toilet, as […]

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