bunny rabbit saying love drawing of dacha off-grid homestead trees and hills wood and axe strawbale cottage reading in a hammock off-grid diesel generator carpentry tools beds of vegetables and flowers in a garden cattails in a natural water treatment pond

An Interview at the Dacha

Check out this interview from our lovely guests at YogiTriathlete:¬† You can listen to it ¬†here.  

Film Crew Comes to Dachaland

Yes, yes, we love all our sustainable systems, but a lot of us here at the Dacha are also really into the arts. It is our hope to integrate the systems side of things with our love for music/art/writing..etc. Luckily for us, the arts have been coming to us. Recently Lisa Marie Patzer from Philly […]

Dacha lighting storm

Here are a couple of fun pics from the intense lightning storm we had last night!

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