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Dacha Does the Bathroom

Recently, we have decided to really finish the bathroom. DIY style as usual, we got a lot of broken pieces of granite for free from a local tile shop for our floor. Next, we got a used claw foot tub and cleaned it up real good. It’s really coming together! More on this breaking news […]

Mutant Corn Call for Collaborators!!!

Mutant Corn is a collaborative, agricultural art project that wants well…collaborators.  The project is inspired by the genetic, economic and social history of corn, and is in many ways an experiment in cross-breeding corn.  More importantly, it is an experiment in crossing the social boundaries of agriculture, science and art, which is something that can […]

A Walk About the Dacha

Project Pond

There are a lot of changes in landscape going on at the Dacha Project. A new pond has been dug at the bottom of the property. The area that was cleared away used to be farmland that was overrun by shrubs and a few trees. There is a small stream trickling through the area and […]

Consider Sobriety

by Julia, Dacha Project inter-at-large   Utah stunned me with its dramatic landscape, the roads becoming smaller and more unkempt as we got closer to our destination. We slowed the car down to a crawl, wincing at the bounce from the potholes peppering our path. I did not mind the slow ascent,  gazing at snow […]

Space Utility: Vertical Strawberry Tower

For the first article in the new series “Space Utility”, I decided to explore a seemingly simple but innovative gardening technique the Dacha Project uses in their gardening system: the vertical strawberry tower. The idea of utility, defined as usefulness, is important when creating an egalitarian community. One of the goals of an egalitarian community is […]

Documenting the Dacha Project: Sunday, June 15, 2014

This past sunday, Danila and his good friend John started to put up this handsome structure that will be used to house some plants that need extra protection. The holes that the posts are going into are about a foot and a half into the ground. They decided to use cement to secure the posts […]

Documenting Dacha: My first day on the homestead

Hello! My name is Julia Nelson. I’m one of the new Media and Communication Interns for the Dacha Project. A recent graduate from the School of Art and Design at Alfred University, I studied sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, video and sound. I found my way to Ithaca due to my enrollment in the Community Herbal Intensive […]

Dacha ArtCamp 2013 in photos

Dacha ArtCamp 2013, a set on Flickr. We celebrated our 5th birthday with a weekend of friends, meals, games and making things. Things: Apple cider. A shimmery fabric tent. A sapling fence for our new garden. And a collaborative timeline of the history of the universe. Thank yous to the folks that made it out […]

Dacha ArtCamp to Celeberate our 5th!

We turn five this summer and are celebrating by getting together and making stuff! To learn more visit our Facebook event page or email us at dachaproject at gmail.

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