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Dacha Work Weekend

April 8, 2014 by lilygpad

We’re doing some Spring cleaning and projects here at the Dacha. Join us at our place as we work on some landscaping, permaculture planning, organizing, gardening and working on our earth berm to keep the house dry and warm.
We will be working from 11 am to 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday! We’ll cook up a pot of something hot and we can give you a tour if you’re new to this type of building and living! Get in touch or just show up.

Dacha Looking for Intern(s)!

April 4, 2014 by LeaLSF

Picture of Intern (a previous intern). He is very happy to do this sludgy concrete pouring work, although these days most work is a lot less concrete- y and more earthy. But still, just look at that smile! It should be noted that Intern demanded that we call him Intern, and would only answer to that, it's not that we thought of that idea.

Communications and Media Intern

We are looking for a person with exemplary writing and communication skills and a passion for, and at least a basic knowledge of, the sustainability movement and growing community.

Responsibilities Will Include:
- Regularly documenting through writing, photography and video various new projects and finished projects, as well as events at the organization
- Managing our blog, Facebook, and Twitter
- Working with us to develop new ways of engaging interested people and sharing our work
- Reaching out to other local organizations with overlapping interests in order to build a stronger network and purpose partnerships

Preferred Qualifications:
- Strong writing and communication skills
- A working knowledge of how to post and edit in WordPress or other blogging platform
- Experience with social media, primarily Facebook and Twitter
- Basic photo and video documenting and editing skills
- Overall strong web and digital skills
- A strong interest in all things sustainability: growing food, land stewardship, community building, building/water systems/heat systems design, and more.

This position is unpaid. We are a 501c3 umbrella organization, so if you had the interest in finding a grant to fund your position here you could use our sponsorship. What we have to offer is helping you develop stronger PR/communications/video/social media skills. You would work with a handful of us, all who work professionally in that relevant fields. You will also be exposed to and involved in a lot of hands-in-the-dirt type work, which is usually soul expanding. Also, we are mostly very nice, which makes for a wonderful work environment.

We are looking for someone to start as soon as possible, since the season for exciting things is getting fast underway. We require a 5-10 hour per week, with at least a three month commitment. In many ways, we are flexible and are willing to work with the right person to tailor this program to individual strong points.

Please send a resume and cover letter.

If you read this and think of someone who might be interested in this, help spread the word.

We are also looking for a gardening/building intern and will post a description for that soon. Thanks!

Dacha ArtCamp 2013 in photos

September 26, 2013 by LeaLSF

___ (34 of 35)IMG_6796IMG_6808-2IMG_6804IMG_6810IMG_6811

Dacha ArtCamp 2013, a set on Flickr.

We celebrated our 5th birthday with a weekend of friends, meals, games and making things. Things: Apple cider. A shimmery fabric tent. A sapling fence for our new garden. And a collaborative timeline of the history of the universe. Thank yous to the folks that made it out here!

Dacha ArtCamp to Celeberate our 5th!

August 28, 2013 by LeaLSF

We turn five this summer and are celebrating by getting together and making stuff! To learn more visit our Facebook event page or email us at dachaproject at gmail.

A Perfect Cabbage

August 8, 2013 by lilygpad

So, the Dacha is working on its new garden, which is still not fully fenced in (I hope no deer are reading this). Meanwhile, the veggies are still growing and feeding us. The other day I harvested my first cabbage and couldn’t help but notice how perfectly perfect it was. Fresh cabbage is a delight, confirmed our friend Dounan who loves to cook more than most people I know.

We made a stir fry with some freshly picked zucchini and off we went to a potluck. It’s nice having these south facing windows with garden beds right outside. We notice that the plants right out there do very well, possibly because the house is bouncing back extra heat and sun. We did learn recently that it is best, for moisture issues, to keep 20 feet from the house dry and seeded with short grass or clover. we have been having some issues with all the humidity and rain, but aren’t ready to give up these primo growing areas up just yet. Choices, choices…more on that later. For now, here is Dounan being himself with zucchini.

Dacha Made: Spatulas, Onesies, Puppets and Syrup

April 24, 2013 by LeaLSF

These are photos of just some of the things made recently here on the homestead.

1. Spatulas, made from cherry wood blanks on the band saw, finished with linseed oil.

2. Onesies, dyed with turmeric and annatto seed. Find the how-to guide on our website.

3. 100% recycled puppets from LilySilly toys.  Available for purchase on her website or on her Etsy!

4.  Maple Syrup, Grade B .vs. Grade A, a collecting and boiling labor of diligence and love. Yum!

Baby Garden Party

April 3, 2013 by LeaLSF

Have you ever been to a baby shower and thought hey aside from these cute cupcakes this has very little to do with new life? I have thought this exact thing while munching on a delicious cupcake. I won’t do it, said I to myself! Then as I was sitting around wondering how I can possibly get done all those things I want to this spring a train of thought hit me, and it went like this.   I like my friends, I do want to celebrate with them, I/we can use some serious help in the garden, and my friends want to come get sweaty outside after a long winter.

After a bit of planning here at the homestead we invited framily from near and far for a Saturday of epic gardening. That day we crossed off of our list these things: prepping old garden beds, digging many a hole through tough soil, pounding black locust posts in for a new garden, clearing out trees for a baby fruit tree orchard, planting fruit trees, building trellises for peas, and planting early plants directly into the garden. We ended up getting that done and more. Other things that got done: bonding, new friend making, fixing tools, maple syruping, bon-firing and a ton of cooking.

Thank you to all who participated. It made all of us here at the DP feel so warm and fuzzy to celebrate a new life coming to the homestead with all of you. Like, Monica Fanya, one enthusiastic participant said, “It’s like planting baby food, just in the early stages.” So true!

Please enjoy some photos and videos of the event.

Tabla Mike comes to Dacha

March 7, 2013 by lilygpad

Last week our friend Mike Lukshis came to visit with his tabla drums. These are hand drums used in Hindustani classical music. Mike has been studying with Pandit Divyang Vakil and teaching for the Taalim School of Indian Music for a long time. He decided to make a video with us at the Dacha.

Some of this is us being goofy and most of it is beautiful music made by Mike and our neighbor Matt Ocone, teacher at the CSMA.  Check it out (you can see the Dacha’s new wood stove in the background, too).


How-To: Mini / To-Go Fruit-on-the-Bottom Maple Yogurt

March 5, 2013 by LeaLSF

What’s better than plain homemade yogurt?  That’s right, little-bitty 8 ounce fruit- on-the-bottom maple yogurts that you can take to-go.

Here are some extremely easy and fast instructions on how-to make six jars of this stuff.  Thanks to our very own Danila for this very useful innovation in the well-established field of cottage yogurt making.


First into a measuring cup measure out 2-3 tbsp of already made yogurt.  You can use store bought yogurt, just make sure it says somewhere on the package that the yogurt contains active live cultures. Read more

Monday Morning Infographic: Wood Stove

February 18, 2013 by LeaLSF

Real Question: What’s Your Heating Source Up To?

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