Some of the Dacha residents are musicians. Matthew Ocone and Isaac Sharp both graduated from Eastman School of Music and now teach and perform on guitar. Sons de Carrilhoes by Joao Pernambuco; Matthew Ocone- Guitar Check out Matthew Ocone here. Isaac also attended Manhattan School of music, check him out here. J.S. Bach Italian Concerto BWV 971 – [Allegro] 1/3 – guitar duo Lily and Matt also have a Jazz Duo that performs jazz standards and songs in French, Russian, Spanish, and German. The Very Thought Of You


RADIO CLASSROOM For a while Lily and Matt made a few recordings for a radio class on classical music. This was an attempt to discuss classical music in a more accessible way for an average listener (like Lily who is not classically knowledgeable). They called their show Classically Trained and some parts were played on WRFI 88.1 in Ithaca NY. Here are a few rounds of the show!

Beginnings Part 1

Beginnings Part 2