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Dacha ArtCamp to Celeberate our 5th!

We turn five this summer and are celebrating by getting together and making stuff! To learn more visit our Facebook event page or email us at dachaproject at gmail.

Vision + Mission Statement Community Word Cloud

Thanks to those who participated in our Vision + Mission survey! We used your answers to the question “How would you describe the Dacha Project to someone?” to create this word cloud. This visualization played a big role in our first Vision + Mission meeting, which we had this morning. We are using it alongside [...]

Photo Archive: Energy, Dedication, Warehouse

September 27, 2009. Photo by David Korman This photo was taken at the Lake Street house in Ithaca well before any of us moved out to the dacha.  Outlined on the blackboard were three words to describe our agenda for that specific meeting: energy, dedication, warehouse.  Gawd knows what it meant to us back then, [...]

In an effort at organizational transparency…

…we are posting our notes from our last meeting, held yesterday Dec. 14, 2011.  The notes should mention that the meeting was concluded by each member drawing a name out of a hat for Secret Santa, and that the whole affair was followed up by a sauna. Please no inquiries about who got who for [...]

We’ve been good, here’s our list…

& remember, we don’t power with coal. Yey! We’ve updated our donate page & added an Amazon wishlist! Scroll to bottom for more info and options regarding donations. Amazon.com Widgets note- don’t see the wishlist? Enable “ads” on your browser. Money does not grow on trees, but it can help plant them! If you’ve got [...]

Spring 2011 Planting Calendar

note- this calendar is mostly thanks to Skippy’s Garden Calendar (customizable), with a number of rarer additions, such as orach and butterfly weed (thanks Sean Dembrosky!).  The customizable calendar will ask you for your last frost date, which might vary from ours here in zone 5b. You won’t need to know your zone, but will [...]

Sustainable Tompkins Neighborhood Mini-Grant Award 2011

Many thanks to Sustainable Tompkins for awarding us a Neighborhood Mini-Grant for the second year in a row!  This year the $750 award will fund the conversion of our Lister generator from running on diesel to running on waste cooking oil and bio-diesel.  Currently, the Lister provides us with electricity and hot water.  It also [...]

Friendlies Visit Dacha Project, take Photo + Blog Us.

Friendlies Visit Dacha Project, take Photo + Blog us.

Years Ago (a new segment): The First Video of the Dacha Project!!

Hey Kids, as I prepare something called a portfolio for art shul, I keep coming across old treasures (completely unfit for art shul portfolio of course), and here is one I’d like to share with all y’all dedicated to reading our blog (we love you a lot btw). Watch this video of heartfelt laughter + [...]

Slideshow: This Fall- It Was So Glorious I Couldn’t See

Here’s a  slideshow of The Dacha Project this fall.  Enjoy! Note- Play with music for increased joy.

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