Photo Archive: Energy, Dedication, Warehouse

September 27, 2009. Photo by David Korman

This photo was taken at the Lake Street house in Ithaca well before any of us moved out to the dacha.  Outlined on the blackboard were three words to describe our agenda for that specific meeting: energy, dedication, warehouse.  Gawd knows what it meant to us back then, but let’s have a stab at it.

“Energy,” could have been referring to a generator, but then again it could also be referring to human power. Yes, looking at the date, I think “energy” refers to the personal energy we all needed to have to button up the shell of the common house.  We had worked all spring and summer, and the cold weather was descending, eventually.  Therefore we needed to discuss “energy!”  I’m pretty sure at this exact moment Joe is saying, “And, why not? We’ll just keep building.”  Go Joe!

“Dedication” well I think that went really well along with the first agenda item.  Case closed. We hardly had to discuss that after talking about “energy,” and that is why Danila looks so happy.

And of course, “warehouse.”  If I remember correctly, its referring to that crazy idea we once had of opening up a magnetic toy company, and needed to decide on the type and size and color of the warehouse we’d need. Oh wait, that was something else. This actually refers to the time when a lady invited us to scoop odd things like industrial sinks and brand new wooden doors from her warehouse in Ithaca, and we needed to vote on whether we wanted to trade her raking leaves for the stuff.  The next few weekends saw us raking leaves on her various properties around town.  The doors are now protecting our bathrooms from unwanted intruders, but something tells me new leaves have gathered on her lawns. I think we know who got the better end of the deal, and that is what I, Lea am sitting there smirking about as I look into the future, or just into Joe’s ear.

Everything is possible in the past.  And what does the future hold for the Dacha Project? Stay tuned in 2012 for a brand new season of this Brand New House.

-Lea LSF