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Video Series: Building the Straw Bale Cottage

Wow, I miss the days when we still had time to make mini-films about what we were up to.  Maybe soon we will acquire a media intern to help us get back on that train! For now, check out this series from when we had a kickin’ camera, and some time. It’s all about the […]

From Straw Cottage to Straw Hat

So here we are again. The summer is giving in to the spring and we are finding ourselves with some sunshine on our backs and tools in our belts. We can shed the insulated jumpers and slip into something a little bit more comfortable like a straw hat. We can take breaks outside.

Straw Bale Hijinks

The Dacha Project presents a short by Lea LSF. Starring Joe Fisher-Price, Danilatron & Lea LSF. For more info visit. dachaproject.com. Strawbale Hijinks- A near silent comedy about the countless opportunities to act like a monkey one can miss if they choose not to build a straw bale cottage. Critically acclaimed as the must see […]

For Ten Dollars, a Bag of Clay

Here is our video entry into the Pay It Forward Contest, held by our local Alternatives Federal Credit Union. Alternatives gave out ten dollars to whoever wanted it, and those people were supposed to give it to someone else in the community, an organization or an individual.Then, the giver of the ten dollars is encouraged […]

The Dacha Gets Plastered

Since our straw bale shed has been upgraded to the “Winter Palace,” it is time to plaster the structure and to fossilize our work for future archeological findings. We put on our clay covered uniforms and head out to work. Our main sources of power for mixing the sand, straw and clay are our hands […]

Winter Palace Pt 4- Frame by Frame

Filmed in September 2008, edited some time later by Lily G, and myself. Please enjoy, “Frame by Frame” the framing of our straw bale cottage. This short film is a moving after school special about some folk who engage on a journey of building a stick frame only to find themselves doing just that. Next […]

Winter Palace Pt 2- The Work Party

Here is pt 2, just like I promised.  Please enjoy, it took a second to edit.  More on the way in future.  Perhaps as it gets so cold in Ithaca that I can’t go outside, I will pump these out faster.  For now we are still building, taking classes, making friends and being mad busy.  […]

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