Adventure Utah and video short in the works: Le Intern, Julia Nelson

This is a photo I found on the internet of the mountains and desert in Utah.

I will be leaving this week on quite the adventure. The Community Herbal Intensive is going across country to offer our services at the Rainbow Gathering. It is located in Utah this year. I can’t wait to be camping in deserts and mountains. 7song, our teacher, runs the first aid station at the festival, and this is a great learning opportunity for his students. We have spent weeks preparing, but learning about a hypothetical first aid situation is nothing like the real thing. I am hoping to strengthen my skills working with actual people. We have done some role playing and I find that it’s really difficult to be quick thinking on the spot. Someone comes in with rashes, stomach ache etc. and all of a sudden my mind is flooded with medical information soup. The Rainbow Gathering attracts thousands of people for a week of complete off-the-grid living. Food is provided free or by donations and we are miles away from any civilization. Everyone has to be responsible for themselves and their impact on the environment, but in case something goes wrong that is where we come in.

After a week at the gathering, our class will head off to a currently unknown location to find plants for wildcrafting. We  will be scouting, gathering and making medicines on site. I am really excited to be going out west and experiencing these incredible landscapes. I wonder what sort of wildlife and plants are there to be discovered.

I feel like this will be an interesting experience to share with you here on the Dacha Project online community. Many common injuries such as cuts, burns and infections are difficult to deal with in an environment like the Rainbow Gathering. Providing first aid to people “roughin it” with herbal remedies inspires me by just how much can be accomplished with a DIY mentality. I also want to share my thoughts on ethical wildcrafting and on-the-go medicine making. I will be doing weekly updates on my experience.

For now please enjoy my first video project for the homestead – it is an introduction montage, to what will eventually (when I return) become a weekly video series.

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