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Dacha Does the Bathroom

Recently, we have decided to really finish the bathroom. DIY style as usual, we got a lot of broken pieces of granite for free from a local tile shop for our floor. Next, we got a used claw foot tub and cleaned it up real good. It’s really coming together! More on this breaking news […]

Build a Giant Woodshed from Pallets and Trash!

I wanted to make a quick post about a super easy and super cheap woodshed we built back in the Fall of 2011.  Using mostly materials we salvaged from the trash or re-used, we threw up this shed in a little more than a weekend.  It has a capacity of around 8 cords, but we […]

A Rustic Barn Board Ceiling for the Cottage

After mulling for weeks about how to finish the ceiling on our straw bale cottage, we still couldn’t decide what to do. Should we go with drywall, the (cheap) material of choice for nearly everything built these days? Or tongue and groove wood, which would definitely look amazing, but would cost at least 4-5 times […]

From Straw Cottage to Straw Hat

So here we are again. The summer is giving in to the spring and we are finding ourselves with some sunshine on our backs and tools in our belts. We can shed the insulated jumpers and slip into something a little bit more comfortable like a straw hat. We can take breaks outside.

Recycled Wine Bottles Add Good Churchy Feeling

Visitors beware when you step inside the Dacha Haus you’ll see colors and glowing orbs.  While not quite the illumination of the divine, all hail the awesome sun as it catches the diffused color of all-dry-now wine bottles. Yes, after seeing many pictures on homestead blogs and in straw bale building books, we have joined […]

Fall at the Dacha

It’s true, we know. We have been very, very bad at updating. So much has happened and us Dacha folks have been working very hard so accept our apologies and photographic evidence, please. What’s new? First, the Dacha finished putting up its roof. Finally, our house did not get rained in. A big step for […]

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