The Garden Goes On

So as June approaches. the Dacha continues to plant and plan. Here in our sun room we are overflowing with starts. We’ve got all your basics – tomatoes, cucumbers, beets – but also some experiments like luffa (for sponges!).

The beds in front of the house are all done and we’ve put in as much as we could cram into them.

Here are some more beds in front of the pond. I’m hoping that this stuff won’t get eaten by creatures. My dad in New Jersey is battling a groundhog that’s had a lovely dinner for the last few weeks, and I don’t want the same for us. Wish us luck.

I really like these new beds. Don’t ask about the old garden – it’s a mess of dandelions. And, yeah, we’re working on it. But having everything close by and in view is such a good idea. You are reminded that you need to water or weed these guys every time you look out the window. And the sunlight bounces off the front of the house and keeps everything extra warm.