Project Pond

There are a lot of changes in landscape going on at the Dacha Project. A new pond has been dug at the bottom of the property. The area that was cleared away used to be farmland that was overrun by shrubs and a few trees. There is a small stream trickling through the area and there were many boggy spots where water was right beneath the surface of the soil. The Dacha project residents felt that using this source of water for a pond would be beneficial for both the land and the people living on it. It can provide a place to swim during the hot summer months and create a more diverse ecosystem for fish, frogs and birds.




Another big change at the Dacha was the decision to connect to the public electrical grid. A large trench was dug from the house to the road to allow for the cables needed for the operation. The decision was a difficult one but ultimately has more benefits than drawbacks in the long term. Joe provided a short explanation.