bunny rabbit saying love drawing of dacha off-grid homestead trees and hills wood and axe strawbale cottage reading in a hammock off-grid diesel generator carpentry tools beds of vegetables and flowers in a garden cattails in a natural water treatment pond

Mutant Corn Call for Collaborators!!!

Mutant Corn is a collaborative, agricultural art project that wants well…collaborators.  The project is inspired by the genetic, economic and social history of corn, and is in many ways an experiment in cross-breeding corn.  More importantly, it is an experiment in crossing the social boundaries of agriculture, science and art, which is something that can […]

Day at the Dacha

by Emma, Dacha Intern On Sunday, July 12 the The Dacha Project, with the help of IthaCan, invited folks of the community to take a tour of the homestead. Guests were welcomed to come throughout the afternoon, and each tour was tailored to the specific interests of the group. One family enjoyed exploring the garlic […]

Dacha Project – Excerpt from “EMPOWERED: Power from the People”

Laugh, cry, and marvel at how messy dacha land is. A group of amazing women make a movie and the Dacha Project is in it. If you haven’t seen it yet, check check it out. The clip below is all about us! See the whole thing and learn more about this ongoing project, and how […]

First Snow Meets Shining Orb in the Sky

Our very first snow stuck, until midday the next day, when the shining orb in the sky worked it out that it turn back into water. The sunny day heated up the house to 70 degrees. At this time of year the direct sunlight comes more than half way in, heating up the floor, and […]

Hardiness of Juncos and Cabbages

Now that I have my mornings free, I like to drink coffee early on and then wander around outside birdwatching, observing the seasons change, and last-minute gardening. It’s not the season to get excited about these particular activities, but hey, what more is there to life in pre-winter Upstate, NY than marveling at the hardiness […]

Spring 2011 Planting Calendar

note- this calendar is mostly thanks to Skippy’s Garden Calendar (customizable), with a number of rarer additions, such as orach and butterfly weed (thanks Sean Dembrosky!).  The customizable calendar will ask you for your last frost date, which might vary from ours here in zone 5b. You won’t need to know your zone, but will […]

Years Ago (a new segment): The First Video of the Dacha Project!!

Hey Kids, as I prepare something called a portfolio for art shul, I keep coming across old treasures (completely unfit for art shul portfolio of course), and here is one I’d like to share with all y’all dedicated to reading our blog (we love you a lot btw). Watch this video of heartfelt laughter + […]

Earth-bermed, passive solar Common House .vs. Snowmaggedon 2010

Before we forget how awesome the Dacha Haus Part One preformed in Winter ’10 here are a couple of photos of February.   They are also to remind this summer’s building crew that as we build  Dacha Haus Part Deux  a winter in the Southern Tier is no joke, but that we got it on […]

Old Barn Boards Meet Restoration

We purchased some old for-cheap barn boards from the Fingerlakes Reuse Center to throw up as the ceiling of the straw bale cottage we built.   Check out what some sanding and polyurethane and/or linseed oiling can do to a board. Will post photos of completed ceiling when that happens. -LSF

For Ten Dollars, a Bag of Clay

Here is our video entry into the Pay It Forward Contest, held by our local Alternatives Federal Credit Union. Alternatives gave out ten dollars to whoever wanted it, and those people were supposed to give it to someone else in the community, an organization or an individual.Then, the giver of the ten dollars is encouraged […]

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