Giant Puppet Build Workshop

Giant puppets. Dark woods. Halloween party. Dacha. Lets build some!

Creations by Bread and Puppet


We’re planning to have a party Fri the 2nd of Nov, Halloween style, with a night time walk through the woods where we will entertain guests with giant beasts and whatnot. Whatnot? Let’s make some of that – I’m talking giant paper mache creatures, interactive scary installations that we can set up among trees and brambles.

Come to our house and help me make a vision for the walk. Bring craft supplies if you have any. If not, we can use cardboard, fabric, wheat paste, sticks and whatever else we find. Get creative, have a whole woods as your stage. If you can’t come on this day, just get in touch and we can meet other times, too. Bring scissors if you have them, fabric, paint…anything you think might be useful. Bring ideas and friends, too.

Mask I made last year, modeled by our "intern".

Giant puppets. Dark woods. Halloween party. Dacha.