Years Ago (a new segment): The First Video of the Dacha Project!!

Hey Kids, as I prepare something called a portfolio for art shul, I keep coming across old treasures (completely unfit for art shul portfolio of course), and here is one I’d like to share with all y’all dedicated to reading our blog (we love you a lot btw).

Watch this video of heartfelt laughter + spring green innocence showing our first time on our land.

After if you have any suggestions for a Years Ago segment, or even want to write a quick Years Ago entry for our blog let us know. I’m thinking anything from Years Ago We Heated Food on the Dashboards of Cars to Years Ago We Got Lost in Your Woods and Ended Up Miles Away and were Scared.

So, if you’ve visited and/or kept up with us over the years you too can submit an idea and/or blog entry. It’d make us happy hippies (well I’m not exactly hippy, but that’s another story).