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Dacha Harvest Summer 2016

Dacha Farms has a small CSA and here is the latest harvest. Matt Ocone has been working hard in the dirt to be able to collect the bounty of the land and display it on our kitchen table. Who’s coming over for dinner?  

Mutant Corn Call for Collaborators!!!

Mutant Corn is a collaborative, agricultural art project that wants well…collaborators.  The project is inspired by the genetic, economic and social history of corn, and is in many ways an experiment in cross-breeding corn.  More importantly, it is an experiment in crossing the social boundaries of agriculture, science and art, which is something that can […]

How-To: Mini / To-Go Fruit-on-the-Bottom Maple Yogurt

What’s better than plain homemade yogurt?  That’s right, little-bitty 8 ounce fruit- on-the-bottom maple yogurts that you can take to-go. Here are some extremely easy and fast instructions on how-to make six jars of this stuff.  Thanks to our very own Danila for this very useful innovation in the well-established field of cottage yogurt making. […]

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