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An Interview at the Dacha

Check out this interview from our lovely guests at YogiTriathlete:  You can listen to it  here.  

Project Pond

There are a lot of changes in landscape going on at the Dacha Project. A new pond has been dug at the bottom of the property. The area that was cleared away used to be farmland that was overrun by shrubs and a few trees. There is a small stream trickling through the area and […]

DIY Solar Panel Mounts

It is no secret that here at the Dacha Project, do-it-yourself (diy), is often our preferred method of getting the things we need.  Our latest homemade adventure  is building our own solar panel mounts. Why would we do such a thing? It’s three to five times cheaper, which is significant given that often the mounts […]

Film Crew Comes to Dachaland

Yes, yes, we love all our sustainable systems, but a lot of us here at the Dacha are also really into the arts. It is our hope to integrate the systems side of things with our love for music/art/writing..etc. Luckily for us, the arts have been coming to us. Recently Lisa Marie Patzer from Philly […]

Septic Surprise

So here at the Dacha we have a septic system. As we were planning to have a number of guests for the weekend we decided to check it out. The person who installed our septic predicted that we would need to pump it out after all this time (about 3 years) but we weren’t so […]

Solar panels!

The Dacha is the happy to announce two new solar panels to the family! A larger write-up will follow. They are 240 watt polycrystalline PV panels that will boost our maximum power production over 2x what it is now. This brings us to roughly 700 watts of solar power!

Sun Worship and its Benefits to You as a Religion

(For benefits of it as a religion scroll to the bottom) –what a sunny day in mid-November means for the main dacha house, a passive-solar, earth-bermed structure, and its inhabitants. The sun is out after vacationing elsewhere for almost a week, and its brightening things up over here in many ways. Let’s review. 1. It’s […]

Thanks Fall, for Holding Out

Every extra hour that the weather holds out, is very possibly an extra hour of serious outdoor business getting done at the homestead-in-progress.  Check out this photo essay of vital last minute projects, and some less vital – but still very nice projects, we’ve been up to. We put windows in the sun room, goodbye […]

Sustainable Tompkins Neighborhood Mini-Grant Award 2011

Many thanks to Sustainable Tompkins for awarding us a Neighborhood Mini-Grant for the second year in a row!  This year the $750 award will fund the conversion of our Lister generator from running on diesel to running on waste cooking oil and bio-diesel.  Currently, the Lister provides us with electricity and hot water.  It also […]

Joe talks about the Dacha Tri-Gen System

Thanks to our new friend Clover from North Carolina we now have these 3 videos where Joe attempts to explain our Tri-Gen System. Check out what we’re doing with the power of our Lister Engine, which is essentially a small scale power plant.  Joe explains how it provides us with electricity, domestic hot water, as […]

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