Dacha Presents: Interactive Theater @ Ithaca Festival

Art Club & Dacha Presents…


An interactive, promenade theater experience.* Sunday, June 5th @ the Ithaca Festival 12-8pm BACK-TO-BACK, ONE-OF-A-KIND 15 MINUTE FREE PERFORMANCES Step on in… For you, the audience, have a role to play! Wander curiously, investigate & devour. Respond adventurously or perch silently. EXPLORE AND ENGAGE   We can’t do it without you!
*What is “interactive, promenade theater”? A performance where the audience literally steps into the set and becomes an active member in the scene.  The audience is encouraged to hands-on explore & uncover their surroundings.  To be present & alive in the action and conversation. Every comfort level is WELCOME! Curiosity did not kill this cat.