A Perfect Cabbage

So, the Dacha is working on its new garden, which is still not fully fenced in (I hope no deer are reading this). Meanwhile, the veggies are still growing and feeding us. The other day I harvested my first cabbage and couldn’t help but notice how perfectly perfect it was. Fresh cabbage is a delight, confirmed our friend Dounan who loves to cook more than most people I know.

We made a stir fry with some freshly picked zucchini and off we went to a potluck. It’s nice having these south facing windows with garden beds right outside. We notice that the plants right out there do very well, possibly because the house is bouncing back extra heat and sun. We did learn recently that it is best, for moisture issues, to keep 20 feet from the house dry and seeded with short grass or clover. we have been having some issues with all the humidity and rain, but aren’t ready to give up these primo growing areas up just yet. Choices, choices…more on that later. For now, here is Dounan being himself with zucchini.