Late Summer Garden

A summer of gardening and where are we now? The vegetables are exploding out of the beds! Hooray. Tons of kale, good broccoli, cabbages, peppers, beets, and flowers. Check out the tomatillos (we learned that we shouldn’t plant these guys too close together).

Here, in the other half of the garden zone, are some potatoes growing in tires. There is also something we thought was a zucchini but now looks more like a pumpkin…hmmm.

This year we also went all out with the flowers. Now everything is blooming like a colorful welcome home.

I think we’re going to improve our garden situation every year.  I’ve learned some good things about the locations of our garden beds, spacing, how much sunshine certain veggies need, and the importance of mulch. Next year, more beans and carrots, less lettuce and maybe fixin up the pond.

Come over and check it out!