Sun Worship and its Benefits to You as a Religion

(For benefits of it as a religion scroll to the bottom)

–what a sunny day in mid-November means for the main dacha house, a passive-solar, earth-bermed structure, and its inhabitants.

The sun is out after vacationing elsewhere for almost a week, and its brightening things up over here in many ways. Let’s review.

1. It’s heating up the floor and the room. For the first time in days we have not had the wood stove on and those of us at home wore t-shirts. We might not have to heat tonight either, b/c of residual warmth emanating from the floor and walls.



2. The sun is electrifying, our house. Tammie, notice the t-shirt, is checking the status of our batteries, and the input from our single solar panel. The lights shine green and we’re good to go, without having to run the veggie-oil generator to make enough juice for at least the sunny part of the day.

3.  The avacado plant grows several imperceptible units of measure and gets to pretend its flown to Mexico for the winter.  This space by the window is really warm, too hot to sit in without starting to sweat and develop thirst.


4. That’s the read out on our hot water tank. A month ago, we have put  group of 30 solar-evacuated tubes on the roof, and estimate that they have been providing us with 60 or so percent of our hot water.  However over the last week or so it’s gone cloudy, and their efficacy dropped greatly. One sunny day puts us back into action. We won’t be needing to heat the hot water with our veggie-powered generator, “The Jenny”, today.


1a.  There’s enough juice off that one solar panel, and from our four dinky batteries, to bring you this blog post!


If these aren’t enough reasons for all of us to switch to worshiping the sun right away then here are some other things to consider.

b. it’s always there for you when you need it, even if you can’t see it.

e. Vitamin D, you need it.

1. food, you need it.

2. light, it allows you to see.

9. It’s all powerful, and when it has a solar storm it brings you the northern lights.

bb. It gives life and can take it away.

4. if you look at it directly, you’ll go blind.

Also consider this: worshiping the sun as a religious practice includes simple rituals that you have time for, like, taking walks outside, waking up with your curtains open, swimming in lakes, gardening, and sun-bathing.

Thank you for your time. I hope I have written convincingly, and that you too will join the ranks of sun worshipers.  See ya on the beach!