Hardiness of Juncos and Cabbages

Now that I have my mornings free, I like to drink coffee early on and then wander around outside birdwatching, observing the seasons change, and last-minute gardening. It’s not the season to get excited about these particular activities, but hey, what more is there to life in pre-winter Upstate, NY than marveling at the hardiness of juncos and cabbages. This particular morning I found inspiration and instruction on how to brave the long winter coming. From the cabbage I’ve learned about dressing in layers. From the juncos, a crazy dance-move to repeat pretty much non-stop.

Harvest, muddy and cold

Harvest, washed and buffed

Calendula, cabbages, kale, tomatoes, parsnips, broccoli, chives, parsley, sorrel, kholrabi

Harvest, and me
Notice how I am not cold at all

Welcome to the Ice Age
Oh yea! And then it started to snow!

Dark Eyed-Junco, clearly also not cold
I was not able to take a photo of a junco, but here’s one I borrowed from the internets.
(By Ken Thomas (KenThomas.us (personal website of photographer)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


p.s. I’m all about getting psyched for winter, so send me your tips on how to stay warm and interested in life, despite the fact that in this area I won’t most likely see the sun very much until next April, unless I go down to Tijuana.