Sustainable Tompkins Neighborhood Mini-Grant Award 2011

Lister Engine

Many thanks to Sustainable Tompkins for awarding us a Neighborhood Mini-Grant for the second year in a row!  This year the $750 award will fund the conversion of our Lister generator from running on diesel to running on waste cooking oil and bio-diesel.  Currently, the Lister provides us with electricity and hot water.  It also provides the air pressure to pump water from the well into our cold water storage.  In the the near future… the converted Lister will be joined by more solar panels and solar hot water collectors to provide the Dacha with all of our energy and hot water needs.  It might also play a part in the radiant floor heating system, in which case it will also provide heat to the house. Now that’s hot!

This spring, stay tuned for a workshop surrounding the conversion of what we affectionately call The Genny (read Jenny), where participants will learn about the process, benefits and applications of a Lister generator that runs on waste veggie.

For now check out this video called How-To Take Care of a Vegetable Oil car from 2 years ago.  You’ll love its made-for-infomercial quality.

starring Joe Fisher, produced by Lea LSF

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