The Dacha Gets Plastered

Since our straw bale shed has been upgraded to the “Winter Palace,” it is time to plaster the structure and to fossilize our work for future archeological findings. We put on our clay covered uniforms and head out to work. Our main sources of power for mixing the sand, straw and clay are our hands and feet. And to prove that there really is straw under all those layers of plaster, we built a truth window.

The Truth Window

The Truth Window

Rain or shine, we get plastered. Here is my sister, in her usual rain gear, getting ready to dive into the project.

Doc, where's the flux capasitor?

Doc, where's the flux capacitor?

When it’s not so cloudy, it’s another beautiful day in paradise.

Blue Skies

Blue Skies

So much help from our friends mixing the ingredients to make plaster not so much a disaster:

In the trowel, we toil.

In the mortar pan we toil.

From this:
To this:
To this:

So much more to come and we are stoked!